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Would You Survive A AvP Attack?

We Need To Know If You Would Survive


You And Your Friends Are Watching The News And Find Out A Huge Ship Appered Out Of No Wear In Your Area You...



You See A Large Masked Alien Infront Of You He Gets His Wristblades Out And Is About To Attack You...



You And A Predator You Teamed Up With See A Queenalien And Its Eggs Hatch And The Facehuggers Get The Predator You..



The Predators Are Having A War With The Aliens And You And Your Friends Are Hungry What Do You Do?



A Runner Alien Has Cornered You And Killed The Predator Allies You Had You...



A Predalien Broke Into Your House And Shows No Mercy You...



Your Friend Is Holding His Chest In Pain And Yells "ITS JUST HEARTBURN!" You...



(If You Choice Shoot Him)Your Friends Stop You From Shooting Him But Then A Chestburster Bursts Out Of Him And Attacks You(Any Other Answer You Picked He Still Gets Chestbursted Even If You Try To Do Surgery On Him He Bursts In The Surgery)You...



A Angry Predators Attacking You What Do You Do?



You FInd The Queen What Do You Do?


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