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Are you a TRUE friend???

Are yu as good of a BFF as yu think yu are? && is there room for improvement???


Do you sepnd time with yur friends, all the time, or just when yur bored?



If a friend was sad (such as a breakup, a loss, ect.) & she called yu, what would yu do??



Do yu share the same intrests as yur friendz???



Quick break, have you heard of the immortals series by alyson noel? (Has no effect on yur score)
P.S. im NOT talking about twilight.
P.S.S If yu DO want to check them out, yu can watch short clips about them by the author on theimmortalsseires.com



Back to the quiz, okay if your friend just got her hair cut, and well, it's an EXTREAMLY unique style to say the least.. LoL, what do yu tell her?



You and your BEST FRIEND are BOTH crushing on the SAME guy!!! But she's liked him longer and callled dibs, but HE seems to like BOTH OF YU!!! what do you do!?!



You and yur BF are going to see a movie, and just before yu go, yu fnd out tht yur bff and HER bf is going to the same showing, what do yu do?



Where would yu say yu stand in yur group?



Yu here yur friend fart in class, but nobody else knos tht it was her! what do yu do?



All of yur bffs are getting annoying, and yu just can't stand it anymore, what do yu do?



Well, the test is over, did yu enjoy the quiz (Also has no effect on yur score.) =]


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