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The Official Zombie Survival Test

In this test I will be asking you questions about various situations in a zombie outbreak. Through various questions it will be decided if you will be dead, or if you will become the ultimate zombie hunter!


How often do you think about how you would survive a zombie attack?



You realized that there are a pack of zombies swarming your house and you know that you do not own any firearms. What do you do?



Your locked in your garage and zombies are attempting to break open the side door. You see several beer bottles from your father and you know that there is a car with gasoline in the garage. You also see a grill lighter on his work bench. What do you do?



Preferred weapon arsenal?



You see your brother slowly turning into an infected. What do you do?



Best spot to sit?



Best place to barricade?



How many people will you bring along?



Best kind of food/drinks to bring along?



Do you ever think we will actually be in a zombie outbreak?


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