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I am fat?

Please be honest you wan't offend me


I am 13, i'm167cm and i weigh 113kg



When i was taking a shower, i looked Down and saw a huge belly through which i could not see anything (except the floor)



A week ago i went to buy new shirts and T-shirts when i tried on a shirt for 15 year old's (i am 13)so i didn't finish it and There was a Gap of About 5cm between the button and hole



3 day's ago i was at the pool with friends and i wanted to untie the knot on my swimsuit but it wan't possible, my stomach was blocking it when i stood up so it wan't either| i had to get scissors and Říp it open



My belly is About 4-5 cm lower that my pants



My thighs almost don't fit in my pants



Once i went to a Fast food place but i don't take it home but i wanted to eat it There that Day i had thinner shirt and when i sat Down Pop the jumpers flew out and my stamach leaked out (the shirt was fo 30 year old's)



I want to gain even moře weight that i have now i want least 360lbs (130-145kg)by the end of the year. It's weird



All my Finger and part of my Palm fit Under my stomach



Obce i tried all you can eat, i was There for 5 hours when the owner kicked my out, my shirt and pants burst, i couldn't walk, But after they zoom mě home, i ordered 3 pizzas



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