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Sun Shade and Rain Personality Quiz

This is a fun test on personality from Sun Shade and Rain.


In a test for being shy, I would score 0 percent. I am not afraid to go forward aggressively.



J.K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter, was inwardly reflective or shy, she said. I was told I was shy.



I say things that have meaning. Steven Spielberg said he was shy when young, director producer of Lincoln, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Balto, Twister, Men in Black, Transformers, Real Steel, the BFG, etc.



Children who are not supported in their thoughts and feelings tend to not be emotional.. like Spock in Star Trek. Were you raised like Captain Kirk or Spock?



You have a loud voice and are not polite.



In a test on oppositional (being a rebel or oppositional to what people in authority say I should do), I would score 50 to 100 percent.(Boston Tea Party, defiant to British Rule)



Comparing self to others in my family I am so wrapped up in some things that I can hardly stop to take a break to get up or go outside or get something to eat. I am the worst in my family. (picture of Edison)



We need to have socializing, moving through a room networking, going after fun experiences, being involved in lively conversations without tuning in to self. I don't have that. (picture of Chris Hemsworth as Thor, and Einstein as Einstein)



His friends said that he did not show feelings when they were together; maybe he was cold, his friend said. He was not connecting with other kids, his teachers said.

He was not physically close to his wife (when he got married later on), not a good husband to his wife, his children said.

No love, no saying "I love you", no kissing, emotionally distanced... He did not say, "I love you to anyone", his children said. His father was critical and emotionally distanced.

His daughter, (later when he married and had a daughter) was so ignored, not paid attention to, that she felt emotionally distanced from her parents. Her mother particularly who was always building, she said. She was sent away to a school in Switzerland because of this and came to be involved in drugs there. She felt not nurtured or loved in the home.
In taking a test for being emotionally distanced, would you score more than 30 percent; 0-30 percent would be a person who is not emotionally distanced. (Creator of Charlie Brown and his mother)



He did not have practice connecting with brothers and sisters. He was a quiet, very lonely person, his teachers said.

He had a soft voice.

Charles Schultz did not involve himself with others and was a very lonely person, they said.

Do you go over and over past experiences? (image of Charlie Brown from Wikipedia)



The creator of Charlie Brown was inward, apprehensive and full of fear. He was afraid on the streetcar where he gave up his seat that he would be separated from his mother. He had a close relationship with his mother, but not as securely connected as he might have liked. He was not highly educated, afraid of sitting in art school with others more talented than he was, so he did not go. He said he thought he spent too much time in the past thinking about what he had done in the past, reviewing his past performance and experiences.

In a test for being shy, I would score 43 percent or above, being inward; 100 percent would be the most shy, 0 to 43 percent would be someone who was not inward?



Charles Schultz was from a family that was emotionally distanced, not nurturing, also. Are you nurturing? (picture of Charles Schultz, Charlie Brown cartoonist)


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