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What would you do?

Here, I will give you a series of stressful scenarios. What would you do?


You wake up and everyone is asleep, but all with their doors opened. You are starving, so you look at the clock, and it says 2:30 AM. One problem, your house is one floor. What do you do?



You are attending a job interview, and your mom calls. She tells you that your pet has died. What would you do?



Someone you hate walks up to you, and asks you out. What do you do?



You're driving home from work, and you really have to pee. One problem, you're still 15 minutes away from your house. What do you do?



You're out with a group of friends, and someone farts. They turn to you, but it wasn't you. What do you do?



You are waiting for your dad to buy a tire at the auto shop in the car, and you are on your phone. You look over and see some random lady trying to break into your car while laughing. What do you do?



You are at a party and your ex sees you and comes over. What do you do?



You're in a heated debate with someone, and you know you're wrong. What do you do?



You're in front of your friends and you trip and fall on the concrete sidewalk. What do you do?



Have you ever been in these situations?


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