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Which Elder Scrolls Race are You?

Thanks to everyone on Reddit for the feedback! This is my 2nd quiz and hopefully a better one too!

Man, Elf or Beast? Find out which race you would be if you walked on Tamriel!


Your going out exploring, Which of these weapons would you most likely use?



A group of bandits is chasing you in the woods, what do you do?



Which of these groups would you be most likely to join?



What apparel would you be most likely to wear?



What terrain do you feel most comfortable in?



Hermaeus Mora has granted you the use of his Oghma Infinium as reward. Which chapter will you read?



Which wild creature would you compare yourself to?



Someone has stolen something from you. You find out who the culprit was, what do you do?



Your homeland is at war and you have signed up to fight. The general has several tactics planned, which one do you help with.



You are older now and not quite able to do things you once could. You settle for a simpler life, what do you do?


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