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am i fat lol

this quiz is supposed to tell me if i'm fat since i've been seeing lots of these on this website lol. for each question answer if what i said makes me skinny, slim, normal, chubby, or overweight. be honest this is just for kicks.


alright i'm 5'3 and about 110 lbs



i wear size 25 or 26 jeans and i know it sounds small but you'd be surprised how many ppl fit into these



i can fit into brandy melville clothes but the pants are always too long



my arms are mostly bones but i can pinch a little bit of fat



if i stand up and look down i can see a little bit of my stomach but mostly my feet



i work out about 20 minutes (if i'm running) or an hour (if i'm walking) about 3 or 4 days a week



my best mile time was 7:30



my stomach's not toned (if i tense up you can see some abs but not when i'm relaxed) but it's mostly flat



i don't have a double chin but i do have chubby cheeks lol



be honest should i:


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