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Does my crush like me??~

I need help knowing if he does or doesnt- thanks 😜♥


He looks at me occasionally, but not always..



One time in my 6th hour, I looked at him for maybe 9 seconds and he looked at me back and smiled. But it was more of a awkward smile.



In my math class, we were talking and laughing (he always makes me laugh~ x) and it was amazing. He made a lot of jokes and it seems he likes to make me laugh.



My friend asked him who he likes and he said nobody and that girls at my school are stupid...😪



He messes with me constantly im not sure if its a flirty way or he's just like that



(From question 5) When he messes with me its like he takes my stuff and gives it back a little later and makes noises to annoy me in class even when I tell him to stop



He talks to my bff a LOT more than with me and laughs with her and messes with her and it makes me a little jealous but not super jealous..i just wish it wasnt like that( my bff has a bf and is pretty much a guy magnet even though she isnt as pretty NO OFFENCE im not either.



I walk out of the classroom to get water or something and he stares me down as I walk out...



Final question!!!Did you enjoy this quiz? Will not affect score



I must have 10 questions so...Hows your life :D



Last question! Do you think he is into me?


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