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try not to pee your pants

so i neeeded to pee real bad so instead of doing that i decided to make this quiz which is actually hard because i tried to do it and completely drenched my self after the first couple questions so good luck i hope you pee


how badly do you need to pee



what movements are you doing to keep your pee in



now lean against a beach making sure it’s in your bladder don’t move even if your going to wet your pants



now sit on the toilet with clothes in and relax what happened



now engaging this, you’ve been holding your pee in all day and you get home only to realise you left your keys at your friends house but you need to pee so bad your doing the potty dance you remember you have have spear keys under the mat so you squat down to pick them up but your stopped my the warm filling of pee filling your pants and gunning down your legs youblet it all out and sit in the pool of pee you created because it feels so good to not need to pee anymore. how do you feeel now



now let a little bit of ore out and stop, how long did it take



now how bad do you need to pee



do you like wetting your pants



now push like you’re going to poop what happens



now with your clothes on spread your legs and push in your bladder don’t stop even if you start to pee



now push really hard like your peeing



now if you still haven’t peed you can now go but only in these places



did you pee your pants


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