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Nerdguy - My response to Ivo


More info in the questions.


OK,so I understand you can make tribute tests,but I don't want them that rare.

Do you understand?



Yes,it will be suspended,and I couldn't do from anymore gadgets because my other devices are also suspended.



Those are not sites,these are forums. And those aglomerated forums don't catch with me. I want sites that you can make levels or courses and publish them or a Quora-like site.



I don't use Nerdguy and I use NonBad2008 instead on some because I sticked with the alternative names onto those sites.



I will try my best to continue posting,but I think it's a matter of time.



I like your affirmation that I am the reason you post.



Can you explain why do you do very common spelling mistakes and write "YOu" instead of "You"? I think it's an autism dereglation...



You are a good friend.



I like that you converse with me.



I think you are my only virtual friend.



P.S:Also I got a bit on the ASDF forums just to see what it is like,and can you please tell me:Who is Froggy?

P.P.S:I've also saw the last drawing of an ASDF icon here:

https:// asdfforums.com/ viewtopic.php? f=3&t=21463
without spaces,obviously

IT WAS AWESOME!!! I can't draw like this,bravo!


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