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Response to my friend Nerdguy

I saw the quiz by my good friend Nerdguy . He was demanding a test by me so here it is. I hope this will please him. :-)
Ivo. :-)


Is Nerdguy the test taker?



Dear Nerdguy , it is awesome of you that you wanted to makes us happy. You are a good boy, a good person.
Do you believe?



During the next one month I will still be able to make tests and quizzes but mire rarely.
Do you understand this?



Is it for sure that your computer will be suspended?



Will you make tests and quizzes from another devices while your computer is being suspended?



I can offer you a cuople of websites, that can be good places for you.
Are you up for my recommendations?



One of them is www.asdfforums.com , the other one is crunchyroll.com/forum .
I also post there regularly with pleasure.
Will you check them?



Would you please explain to me why you do not use the username Nerdguy on other websites?
Please, use it, if you decide to join asdf or Crunchyroll. I like it.



Nerdguy , I like you and i still want to converse with you. Do you believe and do you understand?



Keep your head up and please, continue posting on NerdTests.



Nerdguy , keep doing the needful . You are the reason why I am posting now.


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