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How well do you know Dragonar Academy?

Please only take this test if you have watched the anime! I don't wanted people not knowing the answers to the questions and getting them all wrong and then complaining to me or giving it a bad rating because you got really bad. If you haven't watched it already, I insist on watching it. All the episodes are on YouTube. Just type in: Academy Dragon. It should already be in English dub. And if I do make any mistakes in the questions, please tell me and I shall change them right away. These set of questions will contain answers which will you will only know if you have watched all of the episodes of Dragonar Academy so don't just go and watch the first episode and take this test, watch all of them! By the way, if I misspelled any names of the characters, please bare with me.

Good luck!


Who is the main character?



What is the name of the main character's Par? (FYI: the Par is their dragon.)



Who does Eco have a crush on?



What did Julius do to his Par?



Who is the first princess of the Lautreamont family?



What is Veronica's secret?



Who is Gwen's owner?



What is so special about Ash?



What is so special about Rebecca?



How many episodes are in the anime?


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