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How well do YOU know Undertale?

Hello! This is a simple (quite easy actually) quiz about the beloved game, Undertale. 75% and over means ya passed, 74% and below means ya failed. Why not give it a try, eh? (If you failed, don't feel bad.)


Ok, first question. Let's start off easy. Who do you play as in Undertale?



Next. Who is the very first character you meet in the game?



You fall into a mountain at the start of the game, and the moutain is where all the monsters live. What is the name of the mountain?



True or False:
Papyrus is San's elder brother.



Ok, so far, this quiz has been a BREEZE. Let's make it a bit harder. Asgore is the ________ of monsters.



Sorry...still too easy. Let's make it even HARDER! In the neutral run, how many different ending are there?



What color is the most important flower?



In the pacifast run, how does the barrier break?



This one is hard- at the end of the pacifist run, Papyrus catches something in his eyes. What is it?



Once the barrier is broken, if you go back to vist Catty and Bratty, Catty tells a story about when she pet a "cat" for like, an hour!! But... Bratty says that was a dog. Catty then says: "DOGS ARE JUST ______ CATS!!" Fill in the blank.


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