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Do you need a "s e x" change?

Because the gender theory thing in the USA is very popular you may need to have a "s e x" change to fit in your gender. Are you ready to change you "s e x"?


What are your observations on the transgender person?



What are your observations on the gender theory?



Would you support free "s e x"change for everyone?



How would your parents/friends/relatives would react if you told them you want to have a "s e x"change?



Do you feel you need a "s e x"change?



What are your observations on pregnancy and "s e x"change?



What do you think about transgender toilets?



Your bi"s e x"ual friend tells you they want to have a "s e x"change. How would you react?



In the previous question, have you noticied I used "them" to designate a single person? It's sometimes seen as "s e x"ist to use "he" by default to talk about a person which "s e x" is unknown. What are your observations on grammatical changes induced by societal changes?



Do you REALLY want to "s e x"change? Did you think about everything? What if you need to go to the transgender-intolerant country?


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