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Choose your story ~ Cat version

You:(Girl)A ginger tabby with bright blue eyes and a calm attitude.
You:(Boy)A ginger tabby with bright green eyes and very curious.


You're a kitten in your basket, a few weeks old, and your brothers and sisters go out and play, but...
(Girl): Your nervous or (Boy) Your curious.



You went out: You run around wildly and knock a mug of the side and it lands on your owners foot.
You stayed: You see your siblings and become jealous.



You return (Or you were there in the first place) to your basket and..



Your 8 weeks old, and ready for a new home. 4 people come to pick you, but who do you choose?



Your owner thinks of 4 names to call you.
(Girl) Princess, Ginger, Precious or Pearl
(Boy) Fluffy, Teddy, Sparky or Freddie



You are chaos, so your owner sends you to the nice 20-year old woman (Choice one) instead.



You settle in, and explore your new home. You go into the kitchen and wow!!! A HAMSTER CAGE!!



(You put a paw through the bars or sat on the cage) You get told of and banned from the kitchen.
(You stared at it) Ms. Walker (Your owner) gently knocks you of the table.



Your an adult cat now, and Ms. Walker is married (so changed to Mrs. John) and has a toddler. You hate feeling left out, what do you do?



Your elderly now, but your still really hyper!


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