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Are you a cool person?

This test can help you find out if you are a good person. Some of the questions which have an effect to your result are original, but all of them can show how cool you are.

A test, created by: Ivo Atanasov, an autistic man from Bulgaria, South-East Europe.


Where are you from?

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What is your gender?

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Why did you decide to take this quiz?



When someone says to you "Hello", do you say "Hello" back?



Do you want to be a good and fair person?



Do you approve peace?



When you ask someone else to give you something or to do something for you, do you use the word "Please"?



When someone does something good for you in order to make you content, without being obliged to do it, do you say "Thank you"?



If you governed a country or a state, would all people have equal rights, regardless on their gender, regardless on their gender, health, race and wealth?



If you were a teacher, and you noticed a very hard-working student, putting a lot of efforts in studying, what would you do?



If you were a teacher and you noticed a student, completely dedicated to studying, would you put him or her directly the highest possible grade?



Imagine the following situation: You are going somewhere, and you have just the time to put on some make up to look more handsome or more beautiful. Your friend needs to talk to you urgently, in order to feel better. The concrete situation does not let you do these things at the same time. What will you do?



Thank you for taking this test!



Do you admit that although I am not an English native speaker, my English language skills are good?



Do you like this test?


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