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Babysitting 101

Your neighbor and best friend are calling you at the last minute to see if you can babysit her 4-year old twins Allice and Henry. But you've never had children so she's a little nervous for the twins. Find out if you can be the best babysitter ever in this test.


At 2 you go over to their house to pick up the kids,but your friend, Candice, doesn't think think you can handle this type of responsibility. What do you do?



When you pick up the kids and get in the car, Henry began to get carsick. How do you help him?



You get home and you don't feel too well yourself. What do you do?



After that scenario, the kids are bored. But Henry wants to play with trucks and Allice wants to play with dollies. What should you do?



Allice says that they skipped lunch, but it's not dinnertime yet. What should you make?



After the snack, they're sleepy. How long should they sleep?



After the nap, it's dinnertime! What should you make



Henry and Allice both want to go to the park. But it's 7.
How do you calm them down?



It's 8:30 and time for the twins to go to bed, but they don't want to. What should you do?



Allice woke up having a nightmare! How do you get her to calm down?



It's morning and the kids are eating breakfast. Candice knocks on the door. What do you say?


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