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Would you survive a school killer?

Hey guys it's MoonStar! I wanted to try something new this time. Could you survive!???


You here the microphone buzz in you ur classroom- ITS THE PRINCIPLE!! "RUN!!! GET THE KIDS OUT!!! NOW! LEA-" she didn't finish. Then a deeper voice talks, "Hello." You here an evil cackle. What do you do?!?



Your class runs out of the classroom, and your teacher heads to the gym, what now?



If you decided to run ahead, YOUR DEAD. How did it go?



You run past the basketball hoops that are inside the gym. Your teacher decides to hide under neath the big rows of seats (where people sit to watch..) what now?



If you decided to hide somewhere else, or cry quietly, THE KILLER HEARD/FOUND YOU!! Are your u alive???!



The killer managed to shoot some other random kids you didn't know. He then sees you with your friends and crush. He aims his gun and is about to shoot. WHAT DO YOU DO???!!?



If you just stood their and cried, or threw your pencils and erasers at him, your dead. How did it go?



The killer shoots your teacher. You start running away with ONLY your crush, where do you go?!



If you ran outside, hid in the library, hid in your lockers, your dead. How did it go?



While hiding, you here the killers footsteps getting closer. You pull out the phone you snatched. It's about to die. Who do you call?



If you called your parents, or that guy you saw, your dead. How did it go?



The police arrive and they yell, " We have the place surrounded, COME OUT WITH YOUR FREAKIN HAND UP!" The killer sees you and your crush sneaking by. He shoots your crush and then makes a run for it. What now?!?!? (The killer shot his/her shoulder)



If you left your crush, your dead. How did it go?



You and your crush make it out safely. The school will be closed for 5 weeks. Where do you 2 decide to go?


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