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5SOS Ultimate Lyrics Quiz!

This is an ultimate lyrics quiz! will you get all of them correct? who knows? Will only the 5SOSFAM get to be ultimate or could it just be someone who guesses who knows?


Hello I am Monkeygirl543 and this is my 2nd quiz! so lets get to it Also no cheating for ANY of the questions! Guess The Missing Lyric! If I showed up with a ____ Ticket and a shiny diamond ring with your name on it.



They say were Losers and were alright with that! We are the ____ of the not coming backs.



I have a Jet Black Heart and there's a ____ underneath it.



How did we end up talking in the first place you said you liked my ____ shirt.



Fill in the Missing Lyrics! You're like ______ Some kind of ______.



Well, she's ____, I told I'm __. I couldn't take her out because ____ got no _____.



Guess the Song with the lyrics! 5 seconds of summer til the end of the game enjoy the heartache, the tension, the pain.



I want a little bit of California and a little bit of love in the sky.



She's a good girl she's daddy's favourite.



Driving by all the places you used hang out getting wasted.



Last question this is an old song! But thanks for taking my quiz and there should be more in the future :)! MICHAEL WANTS ANOTHER SLICE! MICHAEL WANTS ANOTHER SLICE!


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