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Can you survive a School Lockdown

Are you able to survive a lockdown with your crush? It's only the second day of school to!!! And you last had a drill 1 year ago!! Can you survive


You are sitting at your desk when, LOCKDOWN!! You can just remember from last year what to do. You go to your locker. What do you do?



You here a blast in the hall. Your teacher gets up to see and gets shot. BTW, your crush is in your class. What do you do?



The guy walk away! You, a few friends and your crush go out to get some things. HE IS AFTER YOU!!! You run to a closet. He is gone. You guys think of a plan, what do you get.?



Your crush asked you to come over, and you do. He takes you somewhere and tells you that he has a crush on you. What do you do



When you get back, your friends ask you and your crush to look around and get what you need. So you do, but you see the killer. He grabs your crush and run's! You run back and get EVERYONE!!! What do you do?



You find your crush in the hall. He is bleeding badly. It looks like the cops are here too. You and your BFF Cary your crush to the closet. Your friend stays there with him. You are alone. What do you do?



What ever you do did, the cops won't get in. Your crush is losing to much blood! How do you get the killer outside!



Well, because of your crushes injuries, he can't be moved ( you know some first aid) but you did get the killer outside and to the cops. Your BFF is getting the paramedics inside. What do you do in the mean time.



Your crush gets to the hospital and you go to because you hurt yourself badly when you ran from the killer. How do you feel ( won't affect score because everyone could feel different )



3 months later you all are back at school. You see your friends and crush. You are in a leg cast and your crush is in a weel chair. You are treated differently from your friends. What do you say



In bed you are thinking,


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