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Are you an awesome babysitter? Hi

U r babysitting Candace,6 months, joey,6 and tatiana 3


The parents r about to leave, what do you ask them?



It turns out tatiana has ASD and astmah and needs to take medication before bed and in the morning . You enter the living rooms do the kids stop what they are doing and look up . What do you do?



It's dinner time, what do you feed the kids?



Tatiana is wheezing and says she is finding it hard to breathe. What do you do?



You have a quick outside game of tag and joey falls and scrapes his knee! What do you do?



The kids are dirty and need a bath, but joey refuses.



It's bedtime and the kids r ready for bed. But Candace starts crying. What do you do?



Its breakfast time. What do you feed the kids?



Tatiana runs off to play with joey in the living room,what do you do?



Joey wants to play superheroes with tatiana but tatiana wants to play with her barbie dolls. What do you do?



Mom arrives back home, what do you do?


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