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How close are you and your best friend?

Hey, it's Starshine Girl and this is my first test.
Do you want to know how close you and your BFF are? You've come to the right place! Take this test and I'll tell you your friendship ranking at the end.
What are you waiting for? Start now!
Update: I created a new test, 'How much of a cow is your teacher?' Check it out!


How often do you talk to your best friend?



How often do you text or call each other?



If you were sitting with your BFF at lunch and some people you think are cool come over and ask you to join them, what do you do?



What do you think your BFF would do if the question before happened to them?



Has or have you ever let down your BFF for your girlfriend/boyfriend?



How much does your BFF know about you?



How much do you love them? (In a friend way)



Have you ever dreamed of having a popular person as your BFF?



Do you trust them?



If you get a bad result, will you share it with your BFF?


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