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depression -.-

hey it's ur emo girl here... i'm sorry tht i was kinda being a b*tch on my last quiz how much do u hate school? idk what got to me... i have been acting pretty moody lately... and most of u guys who took my older tests know tht i have depression... i hate it... i hate myself... i hate my life... i hate certain ppl... but the only positive marks of my life is my bf, best friends, regular true friends, and some family. so ya... i'm going to go... good luck


before things start what is ur gender and age?



alright how's ur eating habits been?



what are your thoughts like?



does happy songs strangely make u want to cry? but depressing songs comfort u?



do u somehow feel worthless, hopeless, sad, lonely, hating, or any other of these negative emotions?



do u have sleeping problems?



have u been feeling lonely lately?



have u been isolating urself from ur loved ones and friends? (meaning staying in ur room the whole time)



have u ever thought about or even attempted suicide?



i'm going to go now. my hand hurts. so talk to u later bye


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