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Can You Survive A Nuclear Fallout?

From being a crisped dead person, to being a survivor overlord, let's find out what you are by taking this test! Please, remember this is a one time test, so don't re-do the test just to get a better score, unless you have improved in real life. Also, answer all the questions honestly, because in real life you would have to use the things you have! INTRO SCENE- It is the year 2050, ten years after nuclear warfare decimated the world. Almost nothing is safe to eat, and a surprising amount of Mutants have popped up around the globe. The radiation has also affected livestock, and many clans have been made. Your name is Cywren Fusioner. You have just come out of a vault were you have lived your whole life, and the real world has been revealed to you. Survival and death are the only ways around the Fallout. It's your choice on which of those you will end up with.


What do you do first?



What is your weapon of choice?



What Is Your Melee Weapon Of Choice?



Best Place To Set Shelter?



Scenario- You are inside of a walled city, with a atom bomb right in the middle of it, buried in the ground. One day a man asks you to destroy the city, and set off the bomb. He offers you 15,000,000 dollars. What do you do?



Scenario- You have encountered your first Super Mutant (Pretty much hulk) on your way to shelter. What do you do?



Scenario- One of your BEST BEST friends has become a mutant after to much exposure to radiation. What do you do?



What Are Your Stats In The Fallout?



How many people do you bring with you/team up with?



What is your psychical shape?



What Is Your Intelligence Level?



How Much Did You Enjoy This Test? (Does Not Affect Score)


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