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Creepypasta Test: Eyeless Jack

Welcome as we test your knowledge on the famous Creepypasta, Eyeless Jack. Featuring Sunruke and Eyeless Jack himself!


Sunruke: Welcome everybody to "Do You Know Your Creepypasta" with our special guest Eyeless Ja- Eyeless Jack: This isn't a game show and that's not even the name of our test. Sun: You ruined the fun... Anyway, first question: What is Jack's favorite food? Jack: I know this one! It's - Sun: JACK, LET THE TAKERS CHOOSE. Jack: Fine.



Jack: Alright, my turn. Hmm.. How old am I?



Sun: When is meal time for Eyeless Jack? Jack: What's with you and food?



Jack: Why is my name Eyeless Jack?



Sun: Where does Jack live? Jack: I LIVE IN A DUMP.



Jack: What is the name of my Creepypasta story?






Jack: Who is my relative?



Sun: BONUS QUESTION TIME! EACH CORRECT ANSWER IS WORTH DOUBLE THE POINTS. Jack: How can it be double if there is only one correct answer per question? Sun: BECAUSE IT IS. NOW, WHAT IS JACK'S CATCHPHRASE?



Sun: FINAL QUESTION! Jack: Already? Sun: Yeah, your story isn't that complex so I was running out by question 5. Jack: Then you should've called in Laughing Jack. Sun: Maybe I will! Jack: You wouldn't dare! Sun: Oh I would. LAUGHING JACK COME HERE. Jack: Noo! Laughing Jack: Finally, that waiting room was packed with Creepypastas. Sun: I need you to ask a question about Eyeless Jack here. You'll be our next guest. L.J.: Alright. Who took the picture of Eyeless Jack? E.J.: Not you so get out of here!


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