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How Reliable are You

Well look no further! This test will give you accurate results on how reliable you are. If you answer each question TRUTHFULLY you will get your real results and be able to see if you are very reliable, or if you need to work on it! Enjoy, but be truthful!


How often are you asked to do something?



When you are asked to do something, when do you do it?



If you're asked to do something before a paticular time, do you get it done by that time?



Do you ever get called trustworthy?



What is your favourite thing to do?



If you're asked to do something, how do you feel about doing it?



Again, when you're asked to so something, how do you do it?



If you are told a secret, how long do you keep it for?



Do you do a lot for your friends and family?



And, last question, are you ever asked to buy something for your mum or anything?


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