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Can You Conquer the World?

Plan battle strategies, create tactics, and try to win the war and conquer the entire world, if you can!


What is your goal?



How would you pick which countries to attack first?



What sort of strategy do you use in battle?



What will your army specialize in?



You invade a small coastal town, as a foothold in your next country. What will you attack and secure first in the town?



Your army, traveling on foot, reaches a large desert. The next country you will attack lies on the other side. Going through the desert will cut travel time, but will also squander resources.



You find your army overwhelmed by enemy forces. They are beginning to close in on all sides, but if you move quickly, you may be able to escape with a small part of your army.



Your top general turns out to be a traitor. How will you deal with them?



You manage to overthrow a corrupt government, freeing the enslaved people there. However, they don't want to join your cause, and actively try to sabotage your military. What do you do?



There is only one surviving enemy of your cause. What do you do to destroy them?


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