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Are You A Good Little Sister?

This test determines how good of a sister you are, and when you see the results, find a way to be a better person.


Your sister is talking on the phone. What do you do?



Your sister leaves her phone UNLOCKED on the bed. It's just sitting there. What do you do?



You are saying good night to your sister and you see her diary sticking out of her pillow. She goes to get some water upstairs which will take about 3 minutes. What do you do?



Your sister sneaks out of the house. What do you do?



Your sister is typing an essay and you peer edit it for her and see she has several misspellings. What do you do?



Your sister won't eat breakfast. What do you do?



Your sister can't sleep and she asks to sleep with you. What's your answer?



How old are you?



Your sister is pregnant at 22. What so you do?



Your sister's favorite color, do you know it?


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