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minecraft survival test

Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to be in Minecraft? Have you ever wanted to know how long you'd survive? Well now you can find out by taking this test!


You've just spawned in minecraft. Whats the first thing you do?



so whatever you just did, you have lots of resorses for a house. What do you make your house out of



now that you've decided what resorses you are going to use for your house, where are you going to put it?



Now that you've built your house, what do you put in it?



Its night time, and a creeper is at your door. it hasn't seen you yet, so what do you do?



Its morning, and you decide to go mining. What do you bring with you?



so whatever you done, You found eight iron ores. what do you do with them?



You have 3 hearts left, and your far away from home. what do you do?



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do you like minecraft?


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