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Do you know how to fight

This test well tell you the truth about your fighting skill and how well you can handle yourself in a scrap, please try to answer all the questions or it might affect your score.


Most important question of them all. Have you ever been in a fight?



What would your first move be in a fight?



Your walking down the street and 3 other guys are staring at you from across the road. What do you do?



Your schools hardman of the class starts saying stuff about your mum. What do you do?



A thug comes up to you with a knife and asks you for your money/phone/bag etc. What do you do?



You have just had a fight with another guy and he starts to attack you again. What do you do?



A gang of 3 want to fight you for whatever reason and your with 2 of your mates. Do you?



What type of special art do you do?



Your in a fight and your getting beaten to a pulp. What do you do?



If you answered No to question 1, do you think you will ever get in a fight and claim a victory?


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