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Do you think your house is haunted?

yo. this quiz is made from the person that brought you 'are you rebel or capitol?','are you a hunger games uber fan?',will you survive the capitols prison?',and 'Random quiz of randomness'! Do you think your house is haunted? i think mine is too! (creepy old trailer!-scary alone at night!) well find out now if it is! (remember i aint an expert...so. dont call the ghost busters or anything!) okay. well.you dont really have to think like a victor and crush it but be epic while taking this quiz! may the force be ever in your favor, spock,avadacadabra, and so the lion fell in love with the lamb, and all those other nerdy quotes! enjoy!


Who do you live with?



Does the person you live with doubt your paranormal sightings?



Is the place you live in old?



Did someone die in or around your property?



When youre alone,do you ever feel tingly,violated,like youre being stared at,poked,slapped,hit,or the hairs on your neck stand up?



Do you ever get really hot but its like super cold in your home or vice versa?



If you have a pet(not including fish) or someone under 11 in your home,do they ever stare at one particular spot and growl or whimper but nothing is there?



Do you ever feel like something is touching you, but when you turn around nothing is there and the pressure leaves?



Do things ever just.....fall while youre watching?



When youre ever looking in the mirror,watching TV,or looking at something reflective, do you see something behind you but when you turn around nothing is there?



Do you have power lines around your home?



Has your TV, radio/stereo, game console, creepy old record player, or phone ever turned on by its self and the volume turned up?



Have you ever came home and had things written on your wall?



Have you ever went to bed with your door closed (doesnt matter if its closet,bathroom,or bedroom) ,had a nightmare,and woke up and the door was open?



In pictures of you or in home, are there ever streaks or balls of light hovering near you or in the pic?



How old are you?





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