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The starfleet captain Test

see if you are elidgeable to be a starfleet captain

1) which of the following would be a violation of the prime directive?

helping an alien ship in distress
defending a federation outpost
supplying a primitive race with wepons
the prime directive?

2) what is the correct course of action for stopping an antimatter breech on a galaxy class starship?

eject the warp core
establish a level three containment field
shut down the reactor
antimatter breech???

3) a ferrengi vessel is sending out a distress signal and appears to be damaged. what should you do?

ignore them
help them but prepare for it to be a trick
destroy them
I don't know

4) you are in command of a nova class vessel approximately 5 minuts from federation space at warp 9, and a borg ship is attacking you what should you do?

transfer warp power to shields and disable their tractor beam
hail them and beg for mercy
call any federation starships in the area
make a run for federation space
answers 1 and 4

5) the only way to prevent a warp core breech is to re-establish the containment field from inside the core. do you order someone to their death in order to save the ship?


6) 3 romulan warbirds de-cloak right in front of your ship an begin to attack you, what do you do?

fight back
call for backup
retreat at maximun warp
answer 2 and then 3

7) You encounter a severely damaged federation starship in the neutral zone, what should you do?

scan for neutrinos (to see if there are any cloaked warbirds near )
scan for survivors and help them immediately
use your ship's tractor beam to tow the ship back
answers 1, 2 and 3 in order

8) when is it acceptable to violate the prime directive?

when your ship is in danger
when you are ordered to by a superior officer
it is never acceptable

9) to what is a starfleet captain expected to be loyal to above all else?

his ship and crew
the well being of the Federation

10) if 20 of your crew members are captured and the aliens that captured them demand starfleet phasers or the crewmembers will be killed, do you give them the phasers? (note that there is no possibility of rescue


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