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The Good Gamer Test

This test will help you to realize whether or not you play games for the right reasons. Or if you defy the whole purpose of them.

1) Have you ever used a game guide? walkthrough?

Extremely rarely. Only if I've been stuck for at least a week, and see no hope or possible solution otherwise. Or never
Only when I get stuck
Only when it starts to get hard
All the time
I never go through a game without a guide

2) Do you ever use cheat codes?

Only when I'm really bored and just want to turn god mode on and blow stuff up. But never when I'm seriously playing a game
If it starts getting hard
Of course! Why wouldn't you want infinate lives? It makes the game so fun!
If the game doesn't have cheat codes available, I won't play it

3) When playing RPG's

I immerse myself into my character(s). I can almost smell the pine trees while walking through forests
I don't roleplay much, I just like to make my character as powerful as possible.
I like to roleplay, and at the same time, make myself as powerful as possible, while enjoying a great storyline.
I have 2532 HP, how many do YOU have?
what's an RPG?

4) How many of these words do you recognize when it comes to games?
1. Lower Guk
2. Impa
3. Koopa
4. Leon
5. Minsc
6. Seige Tank

2 or 1

5) While playing games online, do you constantly find yourself calling people noobs?

That's what everyone calls me =(

6) Do you get mad when you lose at any type of game?

Every once in a while, but very very rarely. Maybe even never? (yeah right)
all the time
I've broken at least 10 controllers this year

7) What do you find yourself saying the most to your opponent after you lose to him/her?

Good Game
Dude, if that freakn rock wasn't there I SO would have owned you.
I want a rematch!
Just.. dont' talk to me..

8) do you play shooters on pc's or consoles?

I don't play FPS's

9) Do you still find yourself playing older games? Or do you ONLY play newer games?

Old and New, can't live without either
just old
just new

10) Do you think about games when you're not playing games more than you think you should?

no, only a little
never think about games unless I'm playing them

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Test by: Linkamus [ edit ]

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