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Sex - Sniper

This guy comes into a gunstore and wants to buy a rifle scope.
The Owner hands him one saying "This is a very good one. Look out the window: Right up on top of that hill you can see my house."
The man looks through and starts laughing.
"What is it?" the Owner.
"It really is a good scope, I can see two people having sex through one of the windows!"
The Owner takes the scope away from him to have a look.
"Thatīs my wife!" he exclaims.
He mounts the scope on a rifle, loads two bullets and hands it to the man.
"I will give you the rifle with the scope for free if you shoot her in the head and him his dick off."
The man agrees and takes aim. Then he smiles, hands back one bullet and says: "I can do it with one shot now."

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