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Blonde - Blonde Man

There were three men, a brunette, a red head and a blonde.

...one day the brunette said, "I am so sick of ham sandwiches! If my wife packs me this one more time, I'm going to jump off that cliff!"

The red head said that he was sick of his peanut butter sandwiches and if his wife packs it again then he is going to jump off the cliff too!

The blonde said the same, if he gets a sandwich again then he is going to jump off the cliff...

The next day they all got the SAME sandwich, so they all jumped off the cliff...

So all of the men's wives were crying and the bruntte's wife said that she was sorry and the red head's wife said that she was sorry

The blonde's wife said that she didn't know why he jumped off the cliff because he packed his own lunch!!!

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