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Blonde - At The Zoo

A blonde and a red-head went to the zoo. After looking around for a long time, they saw the elephant cage, and decided to look at the elaphants. When they got close enough to the cage they read the sign that said " do not feed, or touch the elaphants" So the red-head dared the blonde to touch the elaphant. The blonde decided this one time to be smart. She grabbed a stick, and touched the elaphant. The red-head was amazed at what she did, so decided to celebrate with the blonde. While they were eating and drinking, the red-head said to the blonde "how come your so smart today, but never any other day" The blonde didnt understand what she ment. So the red-head explained what she did, with the elaphants. The blonde started to laugh, "what so funny?" said the red-head, The blonde replied "The elaphant looked hungry"

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