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Sex - Sisters Of Mercy

This man was driving along a highway, and he saw a sign saying "Sisters of Mercy - House of Prostitution - 2 km". He is rather interested and is even more excited when he sees a sign, "Sisters of Mercy - House of Prostitution - 1 km". He decided that he'll visit this place, and when he sees the next sign "Sisters of Mercy - House of Prostitution - Turn Left". He turns left and parks in the parking lot, he goes in and sees a nun sitting behind a desk, he is rather excited by this, and he goes to the nun and says "Err I'm here to um... you know.."

The nun smiles and nods "Follow me."

He follows her and they proceed along hallways and through doors. Finally they stop in front of this door. The nun holds out a can and the man, getting the hint, puts $50 in there and goes into the door and closes behind him. When he looks around, he realises he's outside again, there is a sign saying "You've just been screwed by the Sisters of Mercy - please go in peace."

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