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Blonde - Cliffhanger

A mountain-climbing accident gone wrong, a brunette and two blondes were dangling by a rope off a cliff, holding on for dear life. The rope, which wasn't strong enough to hold all three of the women's weights was beginning to unravel and break.

"Someone needs to let go!" said one of the blondes, gesturing her head to the ground 200 meters below.

"Well, I ain't doin' it," said the other blonde.

"I'm not either," said the first.

The brunette cleared her throat and spoke with much conviction: "For your two lives, I will spare my own, for the life of you two women is worth more than my own. Please, tell my husband that I love him so much, and my two little boys that I will miss them dearly. Tell my friends that I will be with them always, and that I will watch over everyone from above and make sure they they follow the right path in life."

The two blondes, with tears in their eyes, applauded the speech and let go of the rope.

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