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Sick - Airplane

A man is in an airplane and he knocks his spoon off his table. A flight attendant comes and hands him a spoon from his pocket.

And the man says "wow. Do all you addendants carry extra spoons?"

To which the attendent replies "Yes, we did a survey and found that over 80% of people drop their spoons, so we carry extra ones."

"oh." says the man "hey, what's that hanging out of your fly?"

"Oh says the flight attendent "we took another survey and found that it takes us too long to wash our hands after we go to the bathroom. So we decided to attach pieces of string to our dicks so we wouldn't have to wash our because we didn't touch anything.

And the man says "oh, but how do you get your dick back in your pants?"

To which the attendent replies "i don't know about othere guys but I use the spoon."

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