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Sex - The Religious Guy

One guy went to a market, and told to the vendor:

-Please give me a condom. Tonight I'm gonna have a dinner in my girlfriend's house, and you know, I'm not gonna miss the opportunity.

The guy walked away, but came back shortly after. He told to the vendor:

-I'm gonna take another one. Know what, my girlfriend's sister is quite hot, and she really has an eye for me, so I'm not gonna miss this opportunity.

The guy walked away again, but a few moments later he came back , and told to the same vendor:

-I'm gonna take one more condom. It's for my girlfriend's momma. Man, she's really hot, and she also has the eye for me. And ya know, I'm not gonna miss this opportunity too.

And the guy leaves.

A few hours later, it's dinner time, and he is at her girlfriend's house, sitting by the table. The mom says:

-As soon as my husband arrives, I will serve the dinner.

A few minutes later, the husband arrives, and goes to the dining room. As soon as he steps inside, the guy bow his head into his hands, and starts praying:

-Hey people, let's thank God for the food... Oh lord, we are grateful for this dinner...

And he goes on and on. At one point, his girlfriend talks to him:

-I didn't know you were so religious!

And he replied, nearly whispering:

-And I didn't know your father worked at the market!

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