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Joke Title Rating
Drunk Jumper 3.69
A Man And His Family... 3.67
A Bad Day 3.66
Coincidence 3.62
Designated Decoy 3.57
2 Horses And A Dumb Man 3.57
Miniture 3.47
Three Mice In A Bar 3.37
First Bj 3.31
Not Beer 3.30
Steering Wheel 3.30
Ladies Night Out! 3.30
Penguin 3.23
Naughty Nun 3.20
Fast Drinker 3.15
Free Beer 3.15
Jeanie 3.07
I Dream Of Genie 3.05
Pirate 3.05
Pirate 3.04
A Man Walks Out Of A Bar Totally Hammered... 2.89
Blonde 2.79
Monkey 2.78
Talking Dog 2.76
Man In Bar 2.56
What? 2.50
String 2.47
Monkey On A Register 2.43
Neutron 2.43
Steve 2.38
Peanuts 2.31
Termite 2.21
Giraffe 2.16
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