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Bar - Miniture

A man walks into a bar one day and says to the barkeeper 'you will give me a free beer if I show you something amazing' and the barkeeper said 'okay!' so the man reaches into his pocket and pulls out a 12 inch piano and a 12 inch pianist and the pianist starts playing on the piano 'that's amazing!' said the barkeeper 'how did you get him?' 'well' said the man 'I have a friend who's a genie and he granted me a wish!' 'wow!' said the barkeeper 'can I see him?' 'yeah sure! he's right here with me!' said the man and so the barkeeper wished for a million bucks and suddenly a load of ducks come through the door one by one a load of ducks! 'what's going on?' said the barkeeper 'well' said the man 'the genie is deaf! so he hears things differently!' 'well what did you wish for?' said the barkeeper 'well I certainly didn't ask for a 12 inch pianist!' said the man!

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