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Bar - 2 Horses And A Dumb Man

A guy walks into a bar all frusterated. The bartender asks "Whats wrong." The guy says "Well i have these 2 horses and i can't tell them apart. I don't know if i'm screwing up the riding hours or feeding times!" The bartender says "Try cutting the tail of one." So the guy leaves and comes back a week later and says "I did what you said but thr tail grew back and i can't tell them apart again!"
"Try cuting the mane" the bartender said. A week later the guy comes back again and said "Again i can't tell them apart the mane grew back." The bartender almost yells "Measure the two horses maybe ones taller!" The next day the man comes running in yelling "It worked it worked the black horse is two inches taller than the white one.

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