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Would YOU survive MY horror movie??

Today, your watching a movie, home alone. But little did you know, something is going to come out. Something frightening. Something... horrific.


Your at your house watching TV when you hear something upstairs. What would you do?



Supposing you chose "Invite some friends", lets move on.

Your friend and crush arrive, and you each walking into the house. You give your friend a butcher knife and your crush, the job to stand behind you and dont get hurt. YOU get your brother's shotgun. You decide to investigate upstairs. What do you do?



The sound is coming from the bathroom... What do you do?!



Suddenly, someone-or something-bursts out of the bathroom! You catch a small glimpse of the person-a little girl in ragged robes! Your running now, and you all hop in the car. Its time to do some illegal stuff. Where do you go?



Your driving to your destination, when fog starts to set in and both of your back wheels pop! You lock the doors, and the little girl appears in the murky fog ahead. She's approaching quickly. What do you do?



Your dialing your mum's number. Suddenly, your phone goes static. You only have one chance now:RUN. Who should you take?



You have your crush and best friend (lets just say one/both of them followed you.)

You cant see the girl anymore. The closest place beside you is a foggy forest-its concealed. You grab your crush and best friend and get out quickly. Now what?



Your now in the forest, deep. The girl begins to approach. What do you do?
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The girl sees the light and cowers. She disappears, mystically.

You must be safe..
for now. What do you do to end it?



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