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Would You Survive A School Killer?

Click your choices and if you make all the right moves you'll survive easily.


What is your gender?(Is not added 2 score)



There is a lock-down in progress.What do u do?



You have to decide who to stick with during lock down



Everybody is killed in a hour after the lock down exept u and your crush.Where do you go now.



Theres dead people in every room exept the closet.What happens in the closet?



When he starts to lean towards you...



An hour passes by and there is someone pounding on the door then a scream.What does your crush do?



When youre away from the closet you go to the cafe to get supplies.When you start to leave the cafe your crush is scratched and bleeding.U take him to the nurses to find bandaids.Theres a siren in the distance and a shot.Who goes to see what it is?



When u both are in the room whoever went outside tells the other its the cops.They wont come in.How do you get the killer outside?



How do you and your crush celebrate still being alive?


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