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How well do you know Minecraft?

Test to see if you could survive a siege in an NPC village, find Diamonds or perhaps if you could beat the enderdragon!


You have generated a random world in survival. What do you do first?



You now have a base of operations. What next?



The first night has come! What now?



You are on hard mode but then a Zombie busts down the door. What now?



You are mining but then you uncover an abandoned mine shaft! It is dark and dingy but there is treasures to be found! What you gonna do, Steve?



You found diamonds! You have a stone pickaxe and the ore is near lava, what is Steve gonna do now?



You have plenty of diamond gear! It's time to get some obsidian!



You have built a nether portal and returned 35 minutes later with a blaze rod and a tear of ghast!



You are seriously buffed up now! You find a group of tall black men (no, not being racist) it must be endermen!



You have located the end portal and you are ready to fight the enderdragon!


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