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When will you pee your pants? GIRL GAME!

This test is about finding out who you are. Are you the person who loves the wet feeling on your legs so you keep going? Or are you the person who hates it and will run miles for a bathroom? Find out where and when you will pee you pants.


Have you ever peed your pants?



Say you were at home. You are lazy. You don't want to make the trip to the bathroom. Will u pee your pants?



Say you were at school and you didn't want to leave the classroom and miss what the teacher was saying to go to the bathroom. Would you pee your pants?



Say you were at your friends house playing a game and it was your turn next. You don't want to miss your turn. Would you pee your pants?



Do you like to pee your pants?



Say you were at the movies with your boyfriend and when you were in the lobby, you used the bathroom. Now you are in the movie theater and the movie just started. You boyfriend's arm is around you and you don't want him to think you have a week bladder. Will you pee your pants?



Say you are jogging with your boyfriend and best friend. It is so hot. You drink so much water. Now you have to pee. Will you pee your pants.



Say you are at a singing competition and you are up next. You have to pee bad because, since you are nervous, drank a lot of water. Will you pee your pants?



Say you found out your boyfriend likes peeing his pants. You walked with him to his house to do homework. You want him to like you more. Will you pee your pants even though now the whole school will know you like it?



Say you were on a field trip with your class and you were going to a garden. You drank water just before you left your classroom and did not use the bathroom. When you go to the garden, you had to pee really badly and couldn't hold it if you tried. There are no bathrooms out here so would you pee your pants?



Have you peed your pants in the last couple of weeks and you are over they age of 14?



Say you were wanting to have a baby with your boyfriend. While you were in the process of doing it, you had to pee. Will you pee on you boyfriend's face?



Say you were giving a speech. As soon as you got up on the podium. You had to pee badly. Will you pee your pants?



How often do you pee you pants?


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