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Does He Like You Back?

Everyone at some point experiences liking someone. But the question is always "do they like me back?" This test will give you the information. Is he worth going after or should you just get a hamster.


How Well Do You Know This Freak?



Be Honest: Have you ever caught him staring at you?



When he stands near you, how is his body language?



Does he ever laugh at your pathetic jokes?



Does he ever just say something completely random to start a conversation?



How often do you see him? Does he ever just seem to pop up everywhere?



Sorry, I was a jerk on the last question. But moving on, has he ever lightly touched you, like a pat on the back or something?



Does he like a lot of the same things you do, like music, or books?



Which of the following is he most likely to do around you?
1: Compliment you excessively and then run away.
2: Talk nicely, laugh at your jokes, and awkwardly walk off.
3: Just say hi politely or nothing at all.
4: Call you a mean name and then laugh at you with his friends.



This question is the most important: Do you think he likes you?


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