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Would you survive the Columbine Shooting

You probably aren't unlucky enough to get into a situation like Columbine or Virgina Tech. It's good to be prepared though, there are some really creepy people in our world.


You're in your Science class when Mr.Sanders comes into the room informing you that there are two shooters in the school killing students. What do you do next?



Where would be the first place you go?



If you had to pick a weapon that's in the school, which one would it be?



You somehow find yourself in the same hall as the killers. They see you and they point their guns at you. What do you do next?



Thankfully, you somehow got away from the shooters. A student tells you that the killers are two boys and they're seniors. How do you react?



You and your BFF are face to face with the killers. What now?



You find yourself in the library then the killers come in. What do you do?



Which "group" are you in.



How fast can you run? (be honest)



How much do you know about the Columbine High School Shooting? (be honest)



Did you like my test? (wont affect score)


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